A sort of a movie review … 2012

(the sound of glee as the world goes *plonk*)

HAHAHAHAHA it was sooo baaaad, soooo baaad, sooo baaad.
And looked so great while failing so badly. Awesome!

Story: terrible (really really terrible, in fact! I suspect that it was written so as to provide for the maximum amount of special effects possible, not for any sort of plot coherence, for there was NONE. No plot, really, except: eeep, look, another special effect we must escape from! Ooops, too late).
Special effects: awesome.
Angela Merkel: rules.
Dog rule: still applies.*

If you are thinking about seeing it, totally watch it in the cinema – the saving grace in this movie are the gorgeous special effects, and they will work much much better on the big screen. Though if you are not easily enchanted by gorgeous pictures of the world going to pieces: do not watch it at all.

* Dog rule: if you want to survive in an Emmerich movie, keep a dog close by. Hand it to someone else = you’re dead.






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