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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

More on the Transit of Venus

M has gracefully allowed me to post this photo of us here (I don’t post photos of other [non-famous] [sorry, M! :-)] people here without asking for permission first), and so here’s a photo of us at the city beach early this morning (~4:20am). As you can see, the atmosphere was lovely, and it would have been a morning well worth being out and about on even without Venus transiting in front of the sun. But transit it did, and so here’re some more photos of said event:

I took the last one with a UV filter that M brought and that I held in front of the lense of my camera – I like how you can spot Venus perfectly in the reflection that the combination of filter and camera produced, but not on the direct image of the sun itself.

We also got to see a false sunrise:

It was, generally speaking, simply just a wonderful morning – and considering that I just got home from our lecture series and improv rehearsal about 45 minutes ago definitely a long day. Definitely worth it thought! (If you want to see some more of my transit photos, click here!)

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3 Responses to “More on the Transit of Venus”

  1. Alexa Says:

    I hope you had your eyes sufficiently protected?

  2. colleague M Says:

    Do not worry.
    We used several filters from the optics lab of the physics department.
    Did you see that?
    Mr. Hackmann took this picture some 150 km eastward and submitted it to the apotd community.

    Try to send your sundog picture to them too.

    Colleague M

  3. Sibylle Says:

    Dear M,

    thank you for that link/idea, I shall do so!!!

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