Mannheim: MVV Hochhaus & Neckar


I don’t seem to be doing much other than teaching and grading and sleeping, so have another photo from my XMas trip to Mannheim. If the weather is non-horrible this weekend I hope to a) get out and b) take the camera out then. We’ll see. It’s cold, stormy and rainy today – and I am glad to be inside. Off to make some salad for dinner now, and then some reading and an early night, I think, before it’s back to work early tomorrow. Oh, the exciting updates, I know (hey, at that … want a photo of my salad? :-)).





2 responses to “Mannheim: MVV Hochhaus & Neckar”

  1. Jane

    Heh, that’s not how I think of Mannheim at all :-) It’s only up the road, but I’ve only ever really seen the main shopping streets and the Kinderklinik when S got his tonsils out. You are widening my horizons, lol.

    1. Sibylle

      Always glad to be of service ;-) – it was taken from the Collinicenter pedestrian bridge, that connects the Collinicenter to the Neckarufer-Nord-Bebauung.

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