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Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Mannheim: Neckar, Riedbahnbrücke and Fernmeldeturm


 The river is called the Neckar, the Riedbahnbrücke is just barely visible in the distance and is a railway bridge over the Neckar, and the Fernmeldeturm is the telephone and TV tower on the southern river bank. The water’s a bit high, but not as high as it used to be some days ago (the parking spaces and road on the northern river bank were flooded), and the weather’s a bit stormy.

If you were to take a boat up river for about 20km or so, you’d be in Heidelberg, and in the Odenwald after that (on clear days, the hills of both the Odenwald and the Palatinate are clearly visible from this bridge, to the east and west, respectively). If you were to go downriver, you’d get to go through the Mannheim harbor and then end up in the Rhine, as the Neckar merges into the Rhine a mile or so downriver.

(And yes, of the many photography things I am trying to learn this Christmas break, HDR photography is one of them. So here’s my first HDR shot).

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