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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Lycoperdon Perlatum

the common puffball / der Flaschenbovist

As with all my mushroom photos, this is to the best of my knowledge, and based on the looks of the ‘shrooms only, not taking cross-sections or smell (or even taste) into account. For me, this ‘shroom is yet another example of how much looks can be deceiving (no news in the mushroom world!), for I would not have tagged that guy as being edible at all. But apparently, he is! And quite delicious when not yellow and squishy inside, at that.

I found him in our local woodland (the Marienh√∂lzung) on Saturday – it was sunny on Sat and I wanted to get out some, after spending long days at work and the weather being less-than-ideal-for-walks. Other than that: Term is in full swing, and I am spending most of my time accordingly – other than from some brief excursions like this one, I expect new photos to be scarce – but since I accumulated quite a variety of as-yet-unposted photos over the last couple of months, never fear! :-) It’s going to be summery on here a lot, while the weather gets grey and dreary outside.

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