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Sunday, February 12th, 2012

London, one fine day

London in b/w

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4 Responses to “London, one fine day”

  1. john Says:

    Being in black and white gives it a 1940’s feel.
    It’s so interesting how the use of different colours can change the perception of a photograph.
    Even though i live in the uk, i’ve only ever been to london 3 times.
    Each time was like a mini adventure, so much to see and do, but never enough time.

  2. Sibylle Says:

    I spent a year living in London back when I was a student (10 years ago, actually, I was studying there), and I absolutely agree – so much to see and do and experience – though I actually feel like I do more there now when I go visit friends. I did not know many people when I studied there, so it was a lonely and tough year in many and varied ways. But yes, never enough time indeed!

    I absolutely agree about the impact of colors vs black/white – I have the same shot in colour, as well, and it does not have half the atmosphere that I think this photo carries.

    Are there places in the UK that you like to visit?

  3. john Says:

    Thats a good question, i do like devon and cornwall, i tend to go there on holiday with friends each year.
    I also have asoft spot for the city of bath, it’s quite a beautiful place, lots of interesting hidden gems to see.
    I’ve always wanted to visit woolpit in suffolk, because of the story of the green children, i was told when i was achild.
    I’ve never been to scotland, but want to one day as i have been told it is quite beautiful.

  4. Sibylle Says:

    Oh, it’s lovely out there – I’ve only managed to once, in the summer of 2010, when a friend and I spent some days driving out to Tintagel and through the Exmoor National Park, and then down to Exeter (because as a literature geek I wanted to see the Exeter book of riddles). Bath is also nice, though, again, I’ve hardly spent any time there – or, well, six days actually, but most of them only at the university attending a conference. I’ve nenver been to suffolk, I don’t think, and am not familiar with that story. Will check it out! Scotland is also a place I want to visit. I’ve not been, either. So many places to see, such little time/money! :-)

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