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Saturday, June 18th, 2011

(Leaving) Memphis

So, Memphis. What did I do in Memphis? Did I go to Graceland? I thought about it, but no, I did not. $31 (+ parking) as the cheapest option to see some stuff some guy who made some music (I don’t especially like) some time ago owned … I don’t think so. I just felt like I could spend my time in a more interesting way, and the tack factor wasn’t enough to convince me.

So I decided to spend $6 instead, and go see the National Ornamental Metal Museum, which has a collection of (as the name says) ornamental metal works not only from the states, but from all over the world. On the picture here are two of its buildings – and below is are details from one of the ornamental candelabras they have on display right now.

It’s a great little place, and they also have a working smithy where you can watch artist create something, and a librarian/expert hanging around who is willing to answer all questions one might have.

After that, I decided to head out of town towards Nashville, but with a detour down to (almost) Sheffield, Alabama, so I could head back up on (part of) the Natchez Trace Parkway, which was definitely an interesting drive, and lead me, amongst other places, to the grave of Meriwether Lewis.

But even getting there was interesting, even if it mostly meant driving down a highway. What I found especially fascinating is how deeply red the soil in Northern Mississippi is.  (I don’t have a good photo, because stopping on a highway … yeah, not a good idea. And all the reststops had non-red soil). So instead, have a roadside photo … .

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