Late, late to the party (2011)

I had turned
my face, my ears, away
from music for a long time.
Tuned myself away,
too far to hear your melodies;
your harmonies; your song.

Now here/hear then these words, all I can craft in return,
obscure black pixels on glowing screens
the most imperfect reply.

if answers you’re looking for, out here,
if answers should find you,
if you ever come by here,
these seven (#7) (for a secret) then are mine (never told):
I’m very sorry;
I hope you’re well.
I wish you all the best, should you find this.
And should you never find this –
well, my wishes stand,
(have stood),
just the same, in the silence.
Take care –
(‘ -, Friend.’ Robin Hood would say fondly, were [s]he allowed).


One response to “Late, late to the party”

  1. john

    great looking site, looking forward to seeing the wonderers of time you share with us.
    for each thought i am greatful, may you long continue your barding ways.

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