Jupiter has moon’s what?

Favourite teddy bear, which he is holding hostage?
Same rough proportions?
Penchant to dream?

Tell me, what does Jupiter have, that belongs to the moon?
Creative answers merit postcards from Flensburg, or some such things… . :-) (Or should I write thing’s?)


Argh, dear Kennedy Space Center, A R G H.
No apostrophe with the plural!





7 responses to “Jupiter has moon’s what?”

  1. Peter Alway

    I was first going to say “orbits encircling it,” but that would have to be “Jupiter has moons’ orbits encircling it” So I’m stumped.

  2. Sibylle

    The whole text is about Galileo discovering that “Jupiter has moon’s”. … … … yeah. Moon’s 4!

  3. Peter Alway

    AHA!!! In this photo, “Jupiter has Moon’s limb occulting part of its disk!”


    and in context: http://beckycoretti.com/galleries/Astrophotos/index.html

    This one makes sense!

  4. Sibylle

    Peter, wow, that is one excellent photo! And yes, it does make sense! Thank you! (Mail me your address, and I’ll totally send you a postcard or something! :-))

  5. Peter Alway

    I’m glad you’re amused. I noticed that the photo (which I *wish* I had taken) was good enough to be published in Sky&Telescope magazine.

    My postal address is in my perpetual last (friendslocked) LiveJournal entry.

  6. Tig

    Jupiter Moon’s new baby
    In shock news today, scientists announce that one of the moons of Jupiter has a new baby!

    The moon adopted a small comet …..

    1. Sibylle

      LOL!!! :-D

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