Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus nivalis

More than one, actually, but I am not certain if the proper plural would be “Galanthus nivalii” or “Galanthi nivalii” or what, so … . I shall ponder this when I am more awake. For now, I shall go sleep all the sleep and leave you with the knowledge that the German word for snowdrop is Schneeglöckchen, and the French perceneige. In Spanish, incidentally, you can call it both campanilla de las nieves and narciso de las nieves. I cannot recall ever hearing and Old English word for it, but since research reveals that is was most likely introduced to Britain only in the 16th century, that is probably not too surprising. (I am not saying a term for it does not exist, only that it might not have featured centrally in what OE vocab I’ve managed to acquire [and still recall].)





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