Florida City, FL

Today was all about the Everglades, and turns out that they come in two basic variations – one of which is the one that one more commonly thinks about when thinking about the Everglades – shallow and narrow waterways, mangrove forests, water vowl. The second one is grasslands and scattered islands of trees – the grasslands flood during the wet season, and the slightly higher elevations on which the trees are located stay dry – right now is the dry seasons, which is why there’s no water in the grasslands, aside from some remaining shallow ponds and lakes, in which alligators spend the dry seasons waiting for the water to come back.

There’re plenty of alligators, water fowl, snakes and other inhabitants of the Everglades to be found in both locations, and we saw a lot of different fowl, aforementioned alligators and a coral snake. Eep.




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