So, my favourite kind of salad is escarole. And for some reason, shops and markets and farmers in Flensburg and surroundings are really, really bad at selling it. There never is any, except maybe sometimes in that one big real store that’s kinda far away and inconvenient to get to, and once you’ve made the treck five times in hopes of finding some escarole and you don’t you kind of give up on making the trip.

So, imagine my pleasant  surprise when yesterday the local Lidl store had some on sale (one tiny little crate that held five of them, but still…). The woman at the counter didn’t know what number to punch, for “you know, we so rarely have escarole.” “Yes,” I said, “I know. I keep looking for it for no avail.” (cue sadface)

I don’t know why escarole is not sold up here (and no one I’ve asked knows, either, and I have asked. My saving throws against investigating intriguing oddities are … really not good.) – its one of the mainstay salads where I grew up (not *that* far away), and except when it rally isn’t in season you can always find a head of escarole in any of the supermarkets and at most farmers’ stalls as a matter of course.

So, you know, what’s your local escarole (also knowns as: broad-leaved endive. German: Endivie, Lat:  Cichorium endivia latifolia) situation?


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