Dothan, AL

Today I spent most of my day in and around the Talladega National Forest, where the weather went from sunny to overcast, and thus the scenery from colorful to much less so (a lot of the trees a still bare, with the leaves just sprouting, so there’s not a lot of greenery around as of right now). (I’ve added some photos to the photo album I linked in the last post.) From the Talladega Forest I drove southwards, stopping by in Enterprise – a little for the name but mostly because they have a monument to honor the Boll Weevil there. It’s as quirky and strange as the idea would indicate. It’s also stuck in the middle of a busy intersection with no pedestrian access to it, so taking photos of it is hard and good angles are impossible. But I crossed the street a couple of times at the pedestrian lights, probably bemusing the shop vendors next to the lights (though most likely they’re used it it, them being in guide books and all). One apparently’s gotta make do, on the quest of taking in all the details of the “My Boll Weevil, let me show you it!” monument.

I’ve also learned that there’s a lot more water in Alabama than I expected – there are lakes and bogs and puddles everywhere! Also more mountains, but those surprised me less. But definitely a lot of distinct units of water (of which I took no photos, so there are only shots of hills to be had!).




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