DC reporting in, #6: the Leipzig String Quartet

Leipzig String Quartet TicketAnother Library of Congress themed update, this one about an event that took place on Saturday. The Library of Congress has a concert program for which you can both get tickets in advance as well as on the day (if there are any left over).

Same-day tickets are free, you’ve just got to be there 2 hours before the concert starts to see if there are any left, and maybe you can get one straight away, or if not then you can get a so-called “Rush Ticket,” with which you return 30 minutes before the concert and then, maybe, get in (rush ticket numbers ‘keep your space’ in the queue, so you don’t have to stand there and wait for 2 hours).

concertWhen I got to the Library on Saturday I saw signs downstairs that said “Rush queue this way” und “Rush Tickets here” – and it being 11.40am (the concert started at 2pm) I – after a quick check to see who was playing (oops) – got in line (I was third in line) to see if I could get a rush ticket. I got even luckier and got an actual ticket (there had been some returns in advance) and so knew that I’d get into the concert for certain. Some digital messaging and knocking-on-cubicle-doorways later I’d found some other Klugianists who were also going or who also wanted to go see if they could get in (we all sat in different places). The concert was really good (even though, yes, it’s ironic that I travel for ~6’000 miles and then the first concert I go to is one performed by a German group). The Leipzig String Quartet played BORODIN’s String Quartet no. 2 in D major, STRAVINSKY’s Three Pieces for String Quartet, WAGNER’s Albumblatt (für Cosima Wagner) (which was a bit of a cheeky program item, as it’s maybe 1:30 mins long in total) and DEBUSSY’s Premier quatuor in G minor, op. 10 (and a song by J. S. Bach as an encore).

As the post-concert afternoon and evening turned into a drinks&dinner excursion with fellow Klugians (I still don’t know what our collective noun is), it was an excellent day all around.

PS: Yes, C., I’ve seen … there’s going to be Stockhausen!


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  1. a. What a nice varied program :-) – Events taken by chance are often the best. Spontineity adds it’s own kind of magic.
    b. Stockhausen – haha! – I just checked – Mantra – quite a heavy trip – quite dry for him – 1 hour, 2 pianos & ring modulators. Took me a while to get into that one. Not seen it live though – just have the CD.
    c. Yay! I got an name initial check on Sibyllogy! :-)

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