DC reporting in, #3: Snow Day

So, Thursday was indeed a snow day. And it did, indeed, snow – about 5 inches / 15 cm over the course of the day. I spent the day inside, catching up on some reading and work (and also napping, as I still wasn’t quite over my jetlag – or maybe just plain tired). But, Friday dawned bright and sunny, and the Library of Congress was open again (with an optional 2 hour late arrival period for staff members), and here are some photos of the snow-day-aftermath.

7th Street SE
7th Street SE (my street) in the snow
Independence Avenue (the road that leads from 7th Street straight down to the Library of Congress)

It’s not the busiest of streets, and it does make for a nice 10-15 minute walk in the mornings and evenings … which will get even better once it’s a little warmer, I think (and then probably less so once the heat and the mosquitoes arrive…). We’ll see!





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  1. Katy

    Very pretty area!

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