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Sunday, February 9th, 2014

“In case you haven’t heard,” I said, “Gabe was on the Capella.”

I know that I have been remiss in posting regularly, which is

a) mostly due to things having been really busy at work, b) but also with my laptop being increasingly unwilling to put up with all the demands that I am placing upon it, software wise.

It’s still working fine, but it is getting a bit long in the tooth, and, well the more photographs I take the more data I end up with, and the more time I spend taking photographs the more various and diverse my gear somehow got, and so did the computer programs I got interested in using*. And as I bought my laptop for both its (lack of) size and great stamina**, running tons of high demand programs all at the same time is simply not something it copes with well.

So, almost a month ago (see: work was BUSY) I bought myself a configured-for-photo-sorting-and-editing-PC, and today I took a break from writing an article to finally do something about that blank piece of machinery that was simply sitting in my office***.

Transferring and installing programs was surprisingly easy****, and even programs that are no longer available as stand-alones (I am looking at you So Hard, Photoshop CS6) or have since been re-released in a newer iteration (everything else, really) could be installed without much trouble (well, I had to chat with a [really helpful] guy in India, who resolved my Photoshop issues in less than 5 minutes). Audible keeps downloads of all the books you ever bought with them, ever, available for your downloading pleasure, just in case you might possibly manage to delete one (a service which I have had to actually rely on more than once), Adobe, while perfectly willing to tell you what you bought from them when and what your license key for said program is, will in no way let you simply re-download that same program anywhere on their website at all.

But now all the essentials are installed, and looking at photos has become a joy again, rather than a chore, and so, while my week is filled with meetings – grading – writing tons of MA KSM documentation – finishing an article – talking to students about term papers and BA and MA theses – and lots of various and sundry other work related things, I think I might sneak the odd 10 minutes of systematically going through the last three months’ worth of photos in here and there (maybe).

My uni is sending “love to Moscow” for the duration of the Olympic Games, for which a different artistic expression of the right to love whoever you darn well want to***** without thugs coming for you in the middle of the night is presented on our homepage every day, so if you want to, check them out!


* one to sort the photos with, one to batch edit them with, one to regulate distortions, one to combine HDR photos … and then there’s Photoshop.
** and, well, its backlit keyboard
*** the first name that came to my mind and continued my somewhat vague system of naming tec-that-needs-a-name/identifier (I generally am not in the habit of naming inanimate objects) after bits-of-fancy-future-machinery (more often than not spaceships) and that I hadn’t yet used was Capella – I hope that that does not mean that the computer will one day vanish into hyperspace to [uh, actually, SPOILER]******, though.
**** Well, I am still waiting for my Windows 7 key to arrive, so am technially running a trial version of Windows right now
***** consenting adults and all that
****** also, I want that story.

McDevitt, Jack. A Talent for War. (quoted from memory, so the wording might not be word perfect. Also NO IDEA what page number.)

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  1. john Says:

    Hi Sib, just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and will always read and look at the wonders you put in it.
    Time has no limits when it comes to true Brilliance and you shine like star my friend:)
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the Wonder.

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