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Monday, October 15th, 2012

It’s ‘shroom time in the woods

These lovely specimen are armillaria, German name Hallimasch, Latin name armillaria ostoyae romagn. Of them I have learned that they are edible, but only when cooked, and not in conjunction with alcohol of any sort. Apparently the combination of alcohol and (even properly prepared) armillaria will make you really sick. Hence the saying of “Der Hallimasch, der Hallimasch, der wendet dir den Magen rasch” (“the armillaria, the armillaria, it will make your stomach turn quickly”). Also people apparently used to make a treatment against hemorrhoids out of them. (I did not follow the search up far enough to find out details or efficacy, sorry.)

(Yes, I am learning things about ‘shrooms purely so that I don’t have to make postings called “oh look, another photo of a mystery mushroom”. Consider it a bonus service :-).)


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