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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

(An absence of) Focus

a b/w fallen tree

In other news: I am home sick, because I picked up some thing that really did my throat/voice in, and so I cannot/am not allowed to talk until Friday. Argh. Mostly I am fine, but yeah, talking hurts, and class today (before I wised up and went to the doc) was … painful. And croaky. And did nothing any favours. So I am silent as a silent mouse and gargling nasty stuff and also fighting on the minor front of my ears aching.

Really bummed about missing class tomorrow, though … the schedule wasn’t generous as it is, and I kind of needed all three short fiction sessions. Still, it’s an intro class, which means I talk lots more than I do in my other classes, and if I cannot and ought not speak, well … *sigh*.At least its otherwise one of the lighter weeks, so I am not missing a senate meeting or theĀ  appointment committee, or any other important event.

Off to gargle with more stuff now, so it goes away again soon.

the same tree, in focus

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