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Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

This is the ship.

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Wait … wait … go!

two ice hockey players

DEL quarter finals, Adler Mannheim vs. Hamburg Freezers, game 5


Monday, January 30th, 2012

Dümmer See at sunset, autumn 2011

Lake Dümmer at sunset

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Once upon a Thursday in September

So, here’s part one of a slightly late travelogue from three weeks ago (I initially typed a light travelogue, and while that is not quite what I wanted to say, it woll most likely be true, as well. Light on text, heavy on image.) So, three weeks and a day ago I took my car and started my leisurely journey towards Kirchen and Filkcontinental, the plan for which was to take small country roads instead of the major highways.  I like driving when I am somewhere else on holiday, but I don’t like doing it when its just getting-straight-from-a-to-b-on-a-major-highways (boooring), and since I had enough holiday days for 2011 left over (having not gone anywhere this summer), I just took an additional one off and left on Thursday.

On the way down I stopped in Hamburg for a while, to attend a recording of the TV show Topfgeldjäger, of which I can only show you a picture of my entry ticket, as photographing is not allowed at all. (It’s [maybe exclusively, but certainly partially] due to the fact that that would spoil the whole ‘live broadcast’ illusion they have going.]) If I were them, I’d use the staff photographer they have on hand anyway to offer taking pictures of the attendees with the people on the show, and then emailing them to the attendees on the day after the broadcast. Or even to print them out, have them signed by the stars, and them mail them to people. Both for a small (or not so small, for option b) fee, of course. But no-one asked me, so that potential goldmine of money shall remain unexplored – and a photo of but the ticket for you there shall remain here.

Lots of prettier things to show, at any rate, and a photo was never central to my attendance there, so fair enough. (I went to see how the camera works that they use to zoom into cooking pots and pans and ovens with, and learned its secrets I have, so all is good. Also, fun times.) But I digress.

Since the day was getting on a bit by then I took the highway until close to Bremen and then opted for the ‘scenic route’ option in the navigation system, which took me down small country roads, ever southwards. I caught the sun setting over the Dümmer See and then spent my night in Osnabrück, and then heading off to Bad Iburg early the next morning, to look around there, before driving through the Hochsauerland to Kirchen. (Which will be in the Friday part of this travel report).

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Be a joyrider!

Roxette Concert, 16. Oct. 2011

Photo taken with my telephone, because cameras were not allowed. See the flash in the photo for a less rules abiding (chicken?) citizen than I… .

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Reinhard Mey concert

Yesterday I took the train down to Hamburg (and back again) to go see Reinhard Mey in concert. Met up with A and her friend U for a bit before the concert (we sat in very different parts of the hall) and also shared some of the train journey back. Meeting up with them was very nice.

The concert itself was good, too – a lot of songs I did not know (I am not up to date with his current releases), and the usual mix of very funny, very contemplative and sad, rather solidly weighted towards the contemplative and sad. Of his new and contemplative/sad songs a long ballad about trains stands out most in my recollections, and there were some rather the-beautiful-horrible-pain songs about various people who are nice/kind but not recognized for it, or who are broken/breaking without anyone recognizing it/the potted plant at the doctor’s office as a symbol for pain. They were all very nice songs, don’t get me wrong, but they were … a tad too heartfelt-y languishing in their collective amassedness. There’re only so many weltschmerz songs you can take one right after the other and still apprechiate the brilliance of each one.

Brief flashes of fresh air were provided by some funny songs he did, including a brilliant list song of the jobs he has at home, a somewhat contrived (I felt) song about men in hardware stores, and a nice song in the encore about a fictitious music police that you can call when somewhere around you horrible music  is being played (restaurants, elevators,…).

This wasn’t the first of his concerts that I’ve been to, and its the one I liked the least, I am sorry to say – but then that might also be me and the general grouchiness I have settled into during these last months of continual writing. It’s hard to enjoy things properly when part of your brain keeps telling you that you could be working/ought to be working right now. I know break times are important, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it when you’re behind schedule and there’s so much work and writing and thinking to be done.  And on that note, back to work.

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Some DFDF 2011 musings

The photo here shows the view from my hotel room window in Bad Salzdetfurth this weekend, a small village in the Leinebergland (Leine Uplands) in central Germany, where I spent this weekend attending and co-running the 2011 incarnation of DFDF. I had a lovely time there, and it was so good to be seeing so many lovely people again. It was definitely a weekend of good friends, good conversations and good music, and I hope everyone there had as good (or better) a time as I had, because then everyone had a fine time indeed. We also seemed to be settling into the groove of running this thing – with the first one you don’t really know what to expect, with the second one you don’t know if it’ll be like the first incarnation, but now, by number three, I think we’ve hit the groove. Steve said on Sunday that with Aquapella, the Advance Request Concert (ARC), the mix of Auction&Main Concert and the Song Sharing Hour instead of the Song Contest we’ve grown our own identity, and I agree. DFDF has a definitive shape in my head now, and I hope its a shape everyone likes.  I certainly do. :-)

While I personally didn’t make it to the Childhood Heroes hour (the lot of being on concom :-)), I’m very glad that it seemed to be so well received in the format we gave it – and I am also really happy with the way the ARC has come into its own. I thought it was great to see so many people on stage performing songs they that people love or that they don’t usually perform (or both), or to see people performing with people they would not usually perform with.

Many big thanks also go to our lovely guest of honor Rika, who really rocked both her concerts most rockously, both when doing solo songs and when accompanied by her band (see photo for proof!).

And thanks also go, of course, to our techie Volker, to everyone else who performed, and simply and equally importantly to everyone else who came to the con – without you lot we’d make a sad showing, hanging out in Bad Salzdetfurth there all by our lonesomes… . And to those of you who wanted to come to DFDF but could not make it for one reason or another – we missed you! Here’s to DFDF 2012 – we hope to see you all (back) in BASA next June!


Saturday, April 9th, 2011

The People of Sea and Sky…