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Monday, April 13th, 2015

DC reporting in, #9: Miami


I’m behind behind in posting my reports – so much has happened in the last 12 days that I’ve got to play catch up (but then more things happen and one gets further behind, and also what with photos needing to be edited and sorted … la la la). Anyway: so, yes, Miami. As you could already see from the two iphone photo snapshots I posted last week I went to Miami. Precisely I went to visit my friend E, who is there right now, and we had a lovely five days, full of sunshine and meeting E’s lovely friends and lizards and boats and walking and fooood and Corona (a beer made from rice and corn, who knew? I wish I had!) and verdant grenery and Banyan trees and and and … it was great! I did get a bit of a sunburn on the last day (seems that I am incapable of leaving Florida without one, as that makes it 2 for 2).

I’m running a bit late with my needing-to-go-to-the-library-ness, as I’ve been doing website admin things on various pages for the last two hours (so it’ll be a late night @ the LoC, I reckon), so that’s it for now … but I leave you with two Miami photos, in slightly larger than usual-for-a-report-from-DC size. As always, click to enlarge.

plam trees and beaches

Monday, December 1st, 2014

On the Beach


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Three things, as found on the beach



Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Cathedral Cove Sunrise

Cathedral Cove Sunrise

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Solitude in Solitüde

solitudeSolitüde is the name of one of Flensburg’s three beaches.

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013


Flensburg, Solitüde

It was cold but sunny this morning, and so I decided to head out to Solitüde (see above for an overview shot) for a walk before I went shopping. The sand was frozen, which made for an unusual walking experience, and the marshy grass was covered with a thin coating of ice as well, above the liquid puddles below. It was also windy – not too windy, as you can tell from the lack of foamy crests on the waves, but since my eyes start tearing up pretty much as soon as there is more than even the slightest suggestion of a cold breeze it made photographing a bit of an obstacle course. Most of the time I was photographing without seeing too clearly, and I shall spare you the details of what my glasses and the (thankfully protected!) display on my camera looked like (salt water makes interesting trails when it dries).

I also need to find gloves that I can wear and still operate the camera, as that, too, became a bit of a challenge after a while. But: fresh air was had, photographs were taken, and tear ducks were cleaned. So it’s a win-win-win, really. :-)

seashell in Solitüde

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Titusville, FL


Apollo 8 mission control

So, today was day 1 at the Kennedy Space Center – I went on the first of the two specific tours they offer – “Cape Canaveral, then and now,” and we got to see a lot of the old launching pads for unmanned Air Force and NASA rockets, as well as for Gemini, Mercury and Apollo missions, as well as some of the command centers for the specific missions and programmes. After the specific tour there was time to do some more looking around (I’ve seen far less than 50% of the center so far, eek), and saw another Saturn V rocket, among other things. (More photos, as always, are in the USA 2012 photo album.)

Cape Canaveral

Went to Cape Canaveral itself after the KSC closed at 6pm, and shall head back to the KSC tomorrow early morning right for the moment they open. Will I need three days there? Who knows! Come back here to find out :-).

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Florida City, FL

Key West, upon the 'Sarah'

I spent pretty much the entire day at sea, sailing, kayaking and snorkling, and a fantastic day it was, but not conductive to photography, as my camera is not waterproof at all, and there was a lot of water contact going down today. I took the waterproof one-use camera along, we’ll see what those pictures turned out like in a couple of weeks. For now, two photos from aboard the Sarah.

Tank Island / Sunset Key

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Key West, FL

Key West

I made my way to Key West today, meandering along the key islands, which offered some nice views and an unexpected interesting and lovely conversation on Islamorada (I think it was Islamorada) (hi B, if you’re reading this! :-) ). Key West is an interesting place, great for people watching, and I am typing this sitting outside at 10.30pm in quite balmy weather (it reminds me a bit of Singapore – most likely because I also spent balmy nights outside there [no Singapore Sling today, though!]) on the side of a swimming pool. (Yep, life if good, right now!).

I declinded joining the – hopping – Key West nightlife. Staying out till 9.30pm is late enough for me, when the day has been full and long and tomorrow promises to be the same: tomorrow I shall spend the day sailing, snorkling and kayaking (three-in-one), and I am taking my  as of yet half-empty one-way disposable underwater camera along, so expect more less-than-sterling underwater photos at some point in the future.

On the way to Key West

I’ve also booked *all* the special interest tours that are happening right now at the Kennedy Space Center, on the theory of ‘when in Rome’/one does not get back to ‘Rome’ too often/&c. So, uh, sorry, rest of Florida. It’s gonna be the Keys and then the Canaveral region and then motor it up to Atlanta. Next time?

Obligatory photo is obligatory!

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Naples, FL

I drove further south from Tampa to Naples, with another stop at a beach that is considered to be “#1 beach in Florida” – Siesta Key Beach – so those titles must not be as exclusive as they’d like them to be – it’s all due to whom you ask, after all, and if everyone gets a say a lot of different answers will come up :-). It was very pretty, at any rate, and more relaxed in its vibe than Clearwater, somehow, but still featured lovely white sand and turqouise water. Taking photos on beaches that show their individual characteristics or at least aren’t uniformely blue sky, clouds, sand, water is going to become challenging, I think. Also – these beaches are not as empty as one might think, but I am reluctant to point my camera at scantily glad beachgoers … so I snap photos whenever there is a tiny window without a stroller passing by.

Went to explore downtown Napels in the early evening and got caught in a deluge of water, which goes to show that, yes, tropical rainstorms totally happen in this area of latitude. Everything was wet. I begged a bag from a shop, to put my tec stuff in, as I did not want the phone to get frizzed by rain. It was epic. And fun. Thankfully the hotel had a tumble dryer on hand, and a hot shower fixed the rest.

I also have a sunburn on the top of my feet, which is going to be a mite uncomfortable when wearing shoes. And a blister on my left foot. Oh well. Super-water-resistant-sun-lotion, wherever you are sold, here I come! (Publix, I think. Or Walgreens. One shall deal.)

And now it is time to say goodbye to the Gulf Coast, as I start heading east. Today, the Everglades are on the itinary (Gulf Coast & Shark Valley, Flamingo possibly on my return from Key West)!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Tampa, FL

I spent the day in Tampa today, first at the Florida Aquarium where they had a lot of fish (meh, fish are fish, really, unless bizarre and/or otherwise odd), but also some other, more fascinating (to me) sea creatures, as well as some mammals. Also an interesting exhibit on the history of the aquarium. I’d never consciously pondered when people started to keep fish in tanks, but now I know! Included in the Aquarium was a cruise of the harbor, so that was nice.

The afternoon I spent on Clearwater Beach, which was apparently once voted the US’s prettiest beach, but I personally must say that, while it is very nice, it isn’t the one I’d consider prettiest. It’s too uniform to be pretty, really. But still, very nice – and full of spring break activities, so observing those was interesting, too.

Tomorrow I keep heading south!

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Crystal River, FL

St George Island

From St George I kept wandering down the coast today, with some side-stops in Steinhatchee and Cedar Key (more in Cedar Key than in Steinhatchee), and saw a lot of pelicanes and some dolphins and manatees, as well as herons and birds that I cannot identify. Tonight I am in Crystal River, as you can see, and I’m going swimming with Manatees tomorrow in the am, before I keep wandering south.

Photos, as previously, are in the photo album for the trip.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

St. George Island, FL

(I am naming the postings after the places I am overnighting, by the way.) I headed south from Dothan and had my first glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico at Panama City Beach, where spring break was in full swing. Panama City Beach itself is a mix of beaches, high-rise hotel chain buildings and fast-food chain places, and was filled with scantily glad college kids, some of them wearing funny and/or unfortunate headgear.

Panama City Beach

I, however, declined to join in on the spring break fun (even though it is technically my spring break, too), and headed along the Florida Panhandle, stopping in pretty places along the way, until I finally found St George Beach, which was so pretty that I just kind of had to stay there – I spent some time on the beach at first and then went to the car to drive off once the sun started going down, but there was that Motel next to the parking lot and … so you get day and sunrise photos from St George Island – the sunrise one in the next post, however, as they belong to the next day, and the sunset at so (and no sunset photos, as I did not take my camera along).

St George Island Lighthouse


Sunday, February 19th, 2012

To fence in the sea

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The Beach Spider

This photo is from Holnis, taken back in late summer/early autumn when R was here for a visit. The weather has been really inclement towards going out and doing some photography today, and (more importantly) I just finished grading lots of project works, so there’s been no time for anything but work and food and sleep (and, you know, showers and stuff) over the last couple of days. I sure didn’t stay bored for long, did I… .

Tomorrow there are students and professors to meet and there is comitteeing to be done, and then the plan for the weekend is to re-read T.C. Boyle’s A Friend of the Earth (which I will be teaching on Tuesday) and Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire (Wed). And I need to perfect my Cohen-crooning, as the song I ought to be able to play and sing by Wednesday is “So long, Marianne” (laugh and cry!). Busy busy busy. Still, amidst it all, if the weather is clement, I think I might go to the beach for a bit on the weekend, just to get a bit windblown and out-of-the-flat.

Grading and getting prepped for the meeting tomorrow were my big after-PhD plan, now that that’s done with and it’s back to the week-by-week routine I think the lack of frantic writing will really become noticeable. (One week today!)

Which begs the question:

The Ecozon@ Journal article submission deadline for the SF issue is Jan 31. For obvious reasons I haven’t written anything for it yet. But that’s, like, in two weeks. And I did all this research about books and TV series and films that I did not integrate into my thesis. Do I let the deadline pass me by, or do I spend the weekend frantically writing? I’m torn between being lazy and being productive. I mean, I’ve probably earned a wee spree of not writing anything, but if all I end up is bored instead, I might as well write, yes? Or if not the journal article, then at least my paper abstract for the EASLCE Conference in June? (Do I want to go? Yes! No. I don’t know. I need to publish my PhD, and funding (large parts of) both will undoubtedly be my own private affair, and I am tired of spending my own money on what is essentially work). And then there’s also the DGfA Conference. And ought I not wait and see what happens with my PhD? (Nah, but everyone keeps asking me if I am anxious about the results, and when I expect to hear something by, and I am really not all that anxious. I think I eventually will be, sure, but right now I am still mostly glad that I’ve handed it in, and still too fond of my intellectual monsterbaby to worry about its undoubtedly present defects. I mean, 375 pages on ruins and the environment and characters’ world constructions in the post-apocalyptic novel? I bask in the achievement of simply finishing it for now, anxiety is for next week).

Also, I think my brain is still busy processing The Works of the Emperor Julian somewhere in the back, as I kind of inhaled them only about 2.5 weeks ago. I’d read bits and pieces before, but not his whole oeuvre. Now I have. Which reminds me that I bought Stratification for the Archaeologist second hand on ebay a while back, and then did not have time to look into it. (I’ve been fascinated by stratification processes ever since I heard a presentation about Dune Field Migration in Stuttgart umpteenth years ago, as part of a DAAD Freundeskreis meetup thing. What can I say … things just … fascinate me. And keep doing so. I am not good at moving on. I just … add).